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“Hailey! I just want you to know I really love reading your emails every week. I love the one about insecurities that you just sent out. I love reading your thoughts! I hope you’re having a marvelous week!”

– Colie, dedicated and loyal email subscriber

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“Hailey! I just want you to know I really love reading your emails every week. I love the one about insecurities that you just sent out. I love reading your thoughts! I hope you’re having a marvelous week!” – Colie, dedicated and loyal email subscriber.

“Thank you so much for our session Hailey! Really amazing to meet a coach with your energy for life & connection to the Universe. I really like how you structure your sessions and the methods that you use. I really look forward to receiving your book. Big love to you!” — Cristina

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“Hi Hailey! It's been a few weeks since we've talked, but I just wanted to update you on my progress towards my book. From the advice and homework you gave me, the ideas for my book just keep flowing in. I have many of those nights where I can't type as fast as my brain is thinking of these ideas. I've written little short stories in the past and rereading them now they somehow can fit into my book! Instead of just having a strong beginning and end, I now have some strong middle parts as well! I can't thank you enough for coaching me and helping me get to where I am now with this book! I can't wait to meet with you soon to show you what I have done!” - Lauren

“I was immediately impressed with Hailey’s charismatic demeanor and genuine enthusiasm for helping others. Hailey has so much wisdom and insight to share, no matter where you’re at in your life. I got in contact with her to help me through a transition I was having at work. I have been with a Fortune 500 company for 16 years and sought out Hailey for mentoring in areas where she truly shines and has amazing talent. Her talents were the areas I wanted to further develop in myself. The time I worked with her, she gave me amazing insight and helped guide me to gain creativity and a deeper sense of enthusiasm for what I was doing. I am thankful for her intuitive spirit. She will be a wealth of encouragement for those seeking to strengthen in their own abilities. She will ultimately help you to create a better version of who you are today.” – Sonya

“Recently the librarian in our town in New York bought copies of Hailey’s book, The Millennial Makeover, for all the members of a mental support group, and she is so gratified by how much they are continually being helped by it. It turns out the book is appreciated as much, or maybe even more so, by those much older than the Millennials. Not only has Hailey helped so many people with this book, but also continually communicates help whenever she can. And it’s no wonder she has achieved so much already in life. How striking it is to see such maturity and wisdom in her generation. I anticipate that she will continue growing in depth in a huge way for she is humble, open to feedback, knows how to use resources well, and is a great listener.”  

– Susan

"I still remember vividly my first introduction to Hailey. I was looking up millennial thought leaders on Twitter and found her account. I decided to check out the tweet to her latest YouTube video at the time, and while I started watching her speak, I got the chills coursing through my body. In that instant, I knew this woman in front of me was going to do two things: She's going to change the world; and she's transforming into a next-generation thought leader and spiritual teacher. Hailey has a natural gift and understanding of how to deeply love in a world that is teaching us to fear. She is such a positive beacon of light, and through her highly-charged words, actions, and messages, she's able to bring you to a deeper level of love for yourself and for humanity. She is a natural encourager, motivator, and intuitive teacher. I highly encourage you to reach out to Hailey and coach with her now. She's going to be VERY busy with all that God and The Universe have planned for her spiritual path.” – Amanda

“Hailey Yatros is the most inspiring young woman I have ever known. At a point in my life where I needed direction, faith, and courage, she was right there to walk me through it. I had graduated college, was still waiting tables, and was in a very emotionally-abusive relationship. I felt trapped in my world and was scared to take the steps to drastically change my situation. Hailey helped me realize the potential that already existed inside me, find the strength to transform my world, and start living the life I dreamed of. I quit my job, broke-off the relationship, moved 15 hours away, and began a whole new life. Hailey always told me, “Sarah, who cares what anyone else thinks!” and she couldn’t be more right. I stopped thinking about everyone else and put myself first. To this day, she was the source behind the courage it took to make those changes. I am forever grateful for her, and anyone who is lucky enough to seek her advice will absolutely be transformed emotionally and spiritually. I have no doubt that she will change the world we live in.” – Sarah

“When I connected with Hailey, I was struggling with some deep emotional problems after a break-up; along with a lack of motivation and belief in myself. She guided me along a path to confidence, and helped me find my passion. Hailey showed me that every human being is so special, and that everyone has something to offer in this world. She helped me figure out who I am, and now I am more accomplished in my career than I have ever been. Hailey gave me something when I thought I had nothing: Hope.” – Brittany

"I met Hailey about 10 minutes prior to interviewing her for a tele-summit I was organizing. She was so down to earth, incredibly fun (felt like I was talking to an old friend), and so wise for her age. She taught me so much about how to implement small changes throughout my day that help bring me closer to my goals. Not only is Hailey an inspiration to Millennials, she is a woman who genuinely cares about helping others. I have no doubt that Hailey will make a HUGE impact in this world.” — Christine

“Hailey brings light to other people and tranquility to their troubles. She’s unbelievably wise and cracks me up - she is hilarious!” – Kamron

"WOW, Hailey has accomplished more in her short time here than I did in forty years. What a refreshing attitude and big heart. Hailey always is looking for ways to make a difference for others by dealing with herself first. I am a big fan and would not hesitate to seek her advice in any area of my life. I can’t wait to see what’s next and am looking forward to being a part of whatever that might be." – Greg, Executive Life Coach

“Hailey, let me tell you that you have been with me along my journey. I love talking about who you are, what you do and what you ignite in me and everyone who knows you! Also, I finished reading The Millennial Makeover and I love, love, LOVE it! There is so much wisdom and power in this book. THANK YOU for sharing just a piece of your heart and soul in this book, and for gifting it to me! More than that, I am honored to read and learn about your history. What a profound and enlightened journey. I love how your intentions of healing yourself and the world are always a priority for you. I admire you even more!!” – Sasha

“Hailey! I just want you to know I really love reading your emails every week. I love the one about insecurities that you just sent out. I love reading your thoughts!  I hope you’re having a marvelous week!” – Colie, dedicated and loyal email subscriber

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