Lately, Have You Been...

  • Trying very hard to achieve your dreams and goals, but feel like you're spinning on a hamster wheel getting absolutely nowhere? 
  • Feeling stagnant, unfulfilled or lonely, as if something is missing in your life?
  • Interested in building or strengthening your spiritual practice in a way that feels more authentic to you?
  • Longing to live more in the present moment with joy rather than lingering in the past or worrying about your future?
  • Wishing you knew yourself in a more powerful and deeper way?
  • Feeling there is a more abundant and higher way to live?
  • Overall craving a more fulfilling, satisfying, and peaceful way of living?

Imagine having the right tools, practices and proven methods that allow you to build and strengthen your spiritual practice. 

In Spiritually Strong, you'll have everything you need and more to live a fulfilling life.


Live Beyond Struggle

For the majority of my life I have known chaos and disorder as normal. If there wasn't a problem in my life, I was just waiting until the next one would come and set my world upside down again. 

Even among great pain and challenging circumstances, I always without fail, felt the presence of God in my life.

This course is a cumulation of everything I have come to learn and know about being spiritually connected to a higher power.

Inside of Spiritually Strong I hope to save you years of struggle by sharing methods, tools, insights and wisdom that I know are life-changing.

What would it be like for you to live a life you truly love, one where you feel connected and fulfilled in all ways?

Living Spiritually Strong is about learning the practical, simple and inspiring truths of who you really are. Giving you the power to be your authentic Self, no matter what is happening around you.

Join me today and let's embark on this incredible journey.

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Spirituality Made Simple

  • Say goodbye to confusing terms and complicated lessons. This is an online experiential learning program and I will walk you through each session with ease, practicality and simplicity. 
  • With easy digestible material, you will co-create the life you've always desired in a way that is most enjoyable.

Have The Freedom to do this your way, on your own time

Embarking on a spiritual journey and cultivating a practice is very personal and completely unique to you.

I created this specifically to be an online program so you could have the comfort of your own space and the safety to practice with as much privacy as you require.

You will also have instant access to all 8 sessions, so you set the tone, the pace, and gain full ownership over your journey.


here's a small glimpse into your future...

  • Undeniable Connection To The Universe

  • Manifest Your Dream Life With More Ease

  • Live With a Profound Sense of Self Awareness 


Discover a Whole New Way of Living and Being

Spiritually Strong has everything you need to:

  • Build and Strengthen a Spiritual Practice That Truly Feels Authentic To You
  • Work Smarter Not Harder To Bring Your Visions To Life
  • Live With Genuine Joy, Presence, Happiness and Abundance!

Session 1

Spiritually Strong

In this session, we will dive deep into what beginning a spiritual journey and practice entails. Whether you’re just beginning, have some experience or an advanced soul, you’ll learn what it looks like to be Spiritually Strong and to be and stay connected in a powerful, life changing way.

You will:

  • Enhance your energy and potential by learning this one new shift in perspective
  • Learn how to begin each morning in order to have a spirit-filled day
  • Uncover the most underrated technique to connecting with the Universe
  • Begin to create and develop your spiritual practice

session 2

The art of asking

In this session, we’re going to dive into the incredible power of prayer and how to ask with intention. You will learn exactly how to clarify your desire so that it can actually be made manifest.

So often we have not because we ask not. There is a method to this and every person’s way is unique, that’s why we call it an art. Learn your authentic way of asking and communicating anything in this remarkably powerful session.

You will:

  • Discover the art of asking with intention in any area of your life
  • Find out how to ask the Universe for what you want and need in a way that is clear and confident
  • Learn the #1 most effective way to add momentum behind each prayer and intention

session 3

Unwavering Belief & Conviction

FAITH makes all things possible. In this session, I’ll teach you what having trust, patience and unwavering faith in the Universe really looks like. It may not be what the world is offering or teaching you, but it is without a doubt the most valuable tool to add to your life.

I’ve seen faith work miracles in many lives (especially my own) and I’m so excited to show you how to have conviction and what the result of faith truly looks like inside of this energizing session. 

You will:

  • Find out what the four main ingredients are to having unwavering faith in your goal or vision
  • Learn exactly how to use faith practically in ALL situations of your life (big and small)
  • Create new empowering beliefs that will help you attract your desires
  • Learn to utilize this mighty force to bring forth your dreams and strengthen intuition

session 4

Grounding in the physical

Although we are spiritual beings, we are still planted right here in the physical world and inhabit these bodies. Grounding in the physical is JUST as important as being connected to Spirit because our body IS our vehicle to connect.

In order to rise we need to root down. In this session, we will explore what it means to have spiritual, physical and emotional boundaries so that you don’t lose yourself or get taken advantage of and also to make sure that you fully embody, take care and love your BODY. 

You will:

  • Experience what it's like to BE in and LOVE your body using this very simple technique
  • Play with orienting to your space and feel present to yourself
  • Learn the spiritual and physical boundaries you MUST set that are vital to your health and well-being

session 5

experiencing softness in stillness

Eckart Tolle once said, “we are never more ourselves than when we are in stillness.” My intention for this session is for you to experience the softness and peace that comes with being still. From this place we can ask, manifest and connect more easily than ever.

I know how incredibly challenging this can be in our stimulating society today, so you'll learn how to do it in a way that is doable and accessible. In addition, you’ll learn a revolutionary technique to calm anxiety or if you just can't sit still.

You will:

  • Learn the steps to a successful meditation practice, and why it can be a direct channel to Spirit
  • Experience the profound healing effects and brain reprogramming relaxing has on your system
  • Access stillness more easily than ever, even if you identify as a busy body
  • Learn a simple yet proven technique to honor and work through your anxiety

session 6

Magnetic manifestation

From the small things, to the big wins, attract with ease and flow using this specific process. Whether you are aware or not, we are constantly manifesting. I’ll teach you the incredible power of visualization and how it can bring your visions to life at lightning speed. It all starts within, and learning this technique will DRAMATICALLY change your life.

You will:

  • Learn the fail-proof method to consciously attracting what you desire 
  • Uncover three indispensable truths to remember when in the process of manifesting
  • Discover the DO's and DON'T's to manifesting
  • Learn the greatest power of visualization and the transformational effects it can have on you and your life

session 7

the practice of presence

By deepening your sense of present moment living, you enhance your spiritual and physical connection. In this session, I’ll teach you practical ways to live in the here and now. We will dive deep into the eternal now in order to experience daily peace and awareness. This may have the most profound impact on your practice yet.

You will:

  • Discover the sweet bliss of living now and how to truly be present and aware of your actions and movements
  • Develop and enhance the voice of your intuition, the greatest gift at your disposal
  • Become the purest version of who you are
  • Learn about the best resources on the planet to sustain your spiritual practice

session 8

childlike, inner joy

Tap into your fountain of unlimited joy and happiness. The Universe is SO good to us, loves us so much and wants us to be happy. Our best teachers of this joy are children.

In this session, you will learn childlike qualities that we can adopt to enhance our joy and be happy no matter what is happening around us.

You will:

  • Learn how to be more lighthearted and live with JOY instead of merely surviving
  • Discover five quick and easy ways to live with joy on a daily basis
  • Tap into your inner child to enliven your curiosity, creativity, and be more HAPPY
  • Find out how you can have a more magnetic personality that people are drawn to naturally

Hang on a sec, THERE IS MORE.

Inside of every session there is an audio affirmation and a guided meditation

  • The audio affirmations (created by Hailey) are a powerful tool used to retrain your brain and replace negative thought patterns with empowering ones.
  • The guided meditations (also created by Hailey) helps to ingrain new teachings into your entire being. Also great for reducing stress and increasing awareness.
  • There is one for each session, easily downloadable, and have forever.

On top of all of that, you're also going to get your hands on these timeless bonuses to sustain your practice for the long term ...

let's dive into your bonuses

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Bonus #1: A Resource List of Over 50+ Prayers and Intentions

This first bonus will give you a long list of example prayers and intentions that you can begin using in everyday life. These prayers and intentions have helped me attract so many great things such as my perfect partner, dream career and much more. Clarity is power and it doesn't get any clearer than this.

$49 value


Bonus #2: Manifest With The Universe (Guidebook)

This manifesto is a 30 page in-depth guidebook on the entire manifestation process. You will learn how to get out of your own way and discover common mistakes that keep you continually stuck while manifesting. You'll also learn one sure-fire way to become a magnet for miracles.

$49 value


Bonus #3: Q&A Portal

Have you ever taken an online course or class, had a question and wish you could go straight to the instructor for the answer? In Spiritually Strong, you can! I've been a life coach for almost a decade and have worked with thousands of people. As an amazing bonus, I've created a Q&A portal inside the program to get all of your burning questions answered. Without needing to book a session, or wait weeks, you can get an answer within 48-72 hours.

You will also be able to connect with an amazing community inside without the potential distraction of social media.

$199+ value

Included for limited time

It is possible to have a strong spiritual practice...without needing to go through years of struggle to learn the lessons.


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"Hailey Yatros is the most inspiring woman I've ever known."

"At a point in my life where I needed direction, faith, and courage, she was right there to walk me through it. Hailey helped me realize the potential that already existed inside me, find the strength to transform my world, and start living the life I dreamed of."

Sarah, marketing director

"I feel like I am internally glowing!"

"I feel so overwhelmed with compassion and gratitude. Throughout my journey I've never had anything feel like this inside. Thank you. Thank you Hailey for being my partner on this life path."  


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  • Instant Access to Spiritually Strong

  • Life-changing Tools, Practices and Wisdom

  • Audio Affirmations and Guided Meditations (over 250 minutes of content)

  • Lifetime Member Access

  • Incredible Bonuses Inside

  • Ability To Connect With Community of Likeminded Souls

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are we a good fit?

Should you join Spiritually Strong? Is it a right fit for you?

Let’s find out.

Spiritually Strong is right for you IF you...

  • Identify as an open-minded person who is willing to entertain new ideas and insights
  • Trust yourself to experiment and do the practices given in the sessions
  • Know in your bones that there is more to life than how you've been living
  • Eager to take the power of your life back into your own hands
  • Are ready to create your spiritual journey and take the leap of faith required to begin on this path

the time is now

If you’re ready to stop playing small, become the person you deeply desire to be, and start attracting everything you’ve ever wanted, I’m holding out my hand and extending a partnership to you. 

You will have the freedom to decide how much you want to be involved, but I will be here every step of the way.


If you've made it this far, you deserve to think about, truly, what could come out of this program.

What if just one lesson inspired a million-dollar idea?

What if just one insight changed how you viewed yourself forever?

What if just one piece of wisdom allowed you to get as deep as possible with the Universe?


What if just ONE idea, lesson, breakthrough, insight, session, piece of wisdom, or practice inside of Spiritually Strong gave you the courage to:

-Quit your job and start your dream business

-Attract your perfect partner

-Become the happiest and truest version of yourself

-Earn the most money you've ever made

-Tap into your inner power and become a powerhouse of change

-Contribute the way you have always wanted to


"Wow. I'm speechless. This is a true masterpiece. MASTERPIECE. This is changing my life."

Makenzie, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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More About Hailey Yatros

Hailey Yatros has been a spiritual life coach and speaker for almost a decade, helping thousands of individuals from all different ages across the entire world. Her previous program Become a Wildly Successful Life Coach has reached to over 13 different countries, assisting people in becoming the best possible life coach they can be and build thriving businesses.

She is an author of two books, The Millennial Makeover and Back to the Source: Cultivating Inner Peace in a Technology Driven World. Her work has been featured in major media such as The Guardian Magazine, Vice, Taste of Home, Bustle, TV and Radio Shows, Tiny Buddha, HayHouse Radio and many others.

Hailey’s mission is to educate and offer inspiring programs, products and content at an investment that is accessible to everyone. Giving them the tools and wisdom to connect as deep as possible. Her vision is to inspire millions of people to create and strengthen a spiritual practice that is loving and fulfilling, while also assisting them in co-creating a life of their wildest dreams. 

The motto she lives by: We're all in this together, and she means it.