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From the very first memory as a child, I knew I loved the whole world. At only 3 years young, I would run around the grocery stores, hugging random strangers saying, "I love you!"

This love has never left my spirit but it definitely has felt so distant within me throughout my life. From an abusive childhood, experiencing a house fire and losing everything to so much more in between, my life has been filled with struggle. However, this light and fire inside of me was always there and would never let me quit or give up.

Even among the greatest pain and challenging times in my early life, I always, without fail, felt the presence of God in my life. I somehow was acutely aware that I was being guided and that I was never alone. Very often, the Universe was the only thing I could rely upon in times of desperation.

I know people often say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but my experience has been, what doesn't kill you makes you wiser. That is, if we choose to pay attention to the lessons. 

I'm honored to have worked with thousands of people across the span of 13 different countries.

All with the intent on growing this message: expanding joy and unconditional love across the Universe. It all starts with one individual. It starts with you diving deep into the mystery of YOU. You are the entire Universe. Allow me to show you.

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