From Feeling Clear, Confident and Empowered.

Remove blocks, fear and doubt and discover your next right step.


Life Coaching with a Spiritual Twist

When you add in the element of Divine guidance and Universal power with the help of a coach - the entire game changes. 

During your session we are going to explore practical ways of utilizing your inner power and the wisdom of Spirit to show where your next right steps are and what is blocking you. 

From just one session you will:

  • Remove fear blocks and truly move forward with clarity and confidence
  • Develop a higher way of looking at your situation
  • Create an inspired plan of action moving forward to get you super focused
  • Feel SO connected and elevated you'll want to keep booking more!

Let's do this.

One Session

$159 USD

You will receive:

  • One 50-minute session with Hailey
  • Gain invaluable clarity and confidence
  • A plan of action for moving forward
  • Accountability, support, and loving guidance from Hailey and the Universe

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Go Deeper - Four Sessions

$600 USD

You will receive:

  • Four 50-minute 1:1 sessions with Hailey
  • Gain invaluable clarity and confidence
  • Create a deep plan of action for moving forward (that'll sustain you for months to come)
  • Accountability, support, and loving guidance from Hailey and the Universe

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Total Transformation: 3-months

$1,500 USD

-Best Value - You will receive:

  • (Ten) 50-minute 1:1 sessions with Hailey
  • Deep, total transformation for your life (if you're looking to do a 360 degree shift - this is for you!)
  • Lifetime access to Hailey's signature program: Spiritually Strong ($297 value) HUGE value add, to truly support every aspect of who you are becoming
  • Accountability, support, and loving guidance whenever you may need it

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Case Study - B-rittany

This beautiful soul came to me in complete desperation to change her life. She was working in a career she absolutely hated, felt anxious, stressed, tired all the time and knew that she was made for more.

She purchased a 3-month total transformation package and ended up sticking to coaching for 8 total months!! She kept growing, changing, transforming and now I'm proud to say she is a successful, amazing life coach of her own. Completely fulfilled in every area, she is as bright as the sun -- see for yourself!




"I would 100% recommend Hailey. Well, for starters upon meeting Hailey within the first 30 seconds I felt comfortable and as the initial meeting progressed, I could feel the genuineness in the way she listened and how she approached getting to know who I was. I felt as though she could see me almost immediately and began to help me connect the dots in an empathetic and reassuring manner. I left each session with a renewed sense of hope and eagerness to continue the momentum we had built. Hailey truly has a gift for helping people and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend in her to anyone in my life."
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"Thank you so much for our sessions Hailey! Really amazing to meet a coach with your energy for life and connection to the Universe. I really like how you structure your sessions and the methods that you use. I really look forward to receiving your book as well. Looking forward to our next session! BIG love to you!"
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"Hailey, your coaching has not only completely changed my life, but it changed our entire household dynamic. We are forever grateful for the work you did and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. We are so excited to book again soon!"
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"My whole life's purpose is about supporting your success and growth."

Hailey Yatros is a spiritual life coach, keynote speaker and author of the books: The Millennial Makeover, and Back to the Source: Cultivating Inner Peace in a Technology-Driven World. Nearly a decade in this work, and she's just getting started.

Hailey is the creator and founder behind the life-changing program: Spiritually Strong. If you've ever wanted to dive deep into your spiritual practice and live a fulfilling life, this is definitely the pathway there!

Her vision is to inspire millions of people to create and strengthen a spiritual practice that is loving and fulfilling, while also assisting them in co-creating a life of their deepest dreams.

She has coached thousands of individuals from 13 different countries and has also trained hundreds of aspiring life coaches through her program: Become a Wildly Successful Life Coach.

She's been featured in: The Guardian, Bustle, Tiny Buddha, Taste of Home Magazine, HayHouse Radio, Metro-parent Magazine, Elite Daily and many others. Her commitment is to educate and offer inspiring programs, products and content at an investment that is accessible to everyone. Giving them the tools and wisdom to connect and grow as deep as possible.

You will never regret working with Hailey, book today.

As a gift from Hailey to you, here is a free guided meditation from inside of her program, Spiritually Strong.


Get ready for a restorative, relaxing and healing session for greater peace and clarity. 

In coaching, you will have every resource you will need to live a better life.

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