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Welcome home my beautiful goddess!


It's so lovely to meet you!

I believe you're here for a reason...

Hi there! My name is Hailey and let me just say my heart is exploding with Love that you are here right now. I truly believe in my spirit you are not here by accident, because the Universe is so beautifully designed and I fully trust in Divine timing. 

This site exists, I exist, for the pure reason to help you along your spiritual path. The term "spiritual" doesn't have to be an intimidating word, it simply means discovering the ever-present connection that lies beyond our physical Self. Deeper than what our eyes can see and what hands can touch. I'm here to be your guide, your teacher, your leader and friend.

I've never been able to fit into just one "box" (hence the many boxes below) so I offer a wide-variety of services, purely dedicated to strengthening your spiritual well-being. From a nationally recognized inspirational speaker, life coach, and podcaster, to an ordained minister I am sure there is something for you here. Please indulge yourself, and I truly and whole-heartedly hope we can work together in some fashion.

Bless you dear one,



My Offerings


(Inspirational) Keynote Speaking

Make a huge impact

Click here if you are a person who has a group of individuals you wish to help grow, inspire, change, and you need a speaker for your next event!

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Life Coaching

Get Ready to Take Action

Get your butt over here if you're READY to make some magic in your life. Whether you're stuck, feel behind, or want a one-on-one partner on your spiritual journey. Spaces fill up quick.


Ordained Minister

Getting married or know someone who is?

Start here if you have been looking for a minister who accepts all kinds of love and is happy to write/create your ceremony from scratch.


Author (Books by Hailey)

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Head right over here if you still love the feeling of a good book in your hands. Wondering where to start on your path? Right here.


Love From The People

What People Are Saying

I would 100% recommend Hailey. Well, for starters upon meeting Hailey within the first 30 seconds I felt comfortable and as the initial meeting progressed, I could feel the genuineness in the way she listened and how she approached getting to know who I was. I felt as though she could see me almost immediately and began to help me connect the dots in an empathetic and reassuring manner. I left each session with a renewed sense of hope and eagerness to continue the momentum we had built. Hailey truly has a gift for helping people and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend in her to anyone in my life.


Thank you so much for our session Hailey! Really amazing to meet a coach with your energy for life and connection to the Universe. I really like how you structure your sessions and the methods that you use. I really look forward to receiving your book as well. Big love to you!


We had the opportunity to have Hailey speak for our Grow Your Business Conference and she did an outstanding job! I heard nothing but GREAT comments from the audience. She presented this very important topic with energy, enthusiasm, and passion which helped them understand the content and obtain the skills. She was a pleasure to work with and we will have her back!


"WOW, Hailey has accomplished more in her short time here than I did in forty years. What a refreshing attitude and big heart. Hailey always is looking for ways to make a difference for others by dealing with herself first. I am a big fan and would not hesitate to seek her advice in any area of my life. I can’t wait to see what’s next and am looking forward to being a part of whatever that might be."


“Hailey Yatros is the most inspiring young woman I have ever known. At a point in my life where I needed direction, faith, and courage, she was right there to walk me through it. Hailey helped me realize the potential that already existed inside me, find the strength to transform my world, and start living the life I dreamed of. Hailey always told me, “Sarah, who cares what anyone else thinks!” and she couldn’t be more right. I stopped thinking about everyone else and put myself first. To this day, she was the source behind the courage it took to make changes in my life. I am forever grateful for her, and anyone who is lucky enough to seek her advice will absolutely be transformed emotionally and spiritually. I have no doubt that she will change the world we live in.”


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Hailey Yatros

"I can see you in your struggle, because I’ve struggled before, too. I can meet you in your joy because I know what it’s like to be happy. I can meet you in any corner of your world because I am human, too. The world will know peace when we can identify with anything and anyone. We are all connected, we all take up this sacred space - together."

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